Tokavuh Stream Control İndir Yükle

Tokavuh Stream Control İndir Yükle
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Have you always wanted an easy way to control your stream without complicated keyboard shortcuts? Easily change scenes, hide sources, and mute your mic when sneezing? Go from regular cross fades into full-scene animations? Have a nice sound board to enhance your commentary? Then this product is for you!

Tokavuh Stream Control allows you to connect your mobile device to OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS and control it as well as provide some missing functionality. Start and stop streaming, display death counters, animate items on screen, animated full scene switches, sound board, run applications, and much more! It’s all available at your fingertips with no extra hardware, no waiting for delivery, with limitless upgrade possibility in the future.

Install Stream Control on your gaming PC and connect almost any mobile device with a browser to it for total control. No wires, no hassle, no extra installations. You can create your own functionalities by building up from the blocks provided in the application. Supports dual PC configuration and unlimited amount of buttons and folders!

If you happen to like keyboard shortcuts but want more functionality than the basic applications provide, we support those also.

Future plans

Support for other streaming applications, more functionality, easier animations, everything the community feels would help them to provide a professional streaming experience.

For Android devices you can install Tokavuh Stream Control in Google Play Store or use the web view available within the application. iOS application available from TestFlight at

Note that obs-websocket must be installed for the connection to OBS Studio to work! Get it at Streamlabs OBS does not require this part.

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