Tidy Your Room Simulator İndir Yükle

Tidy Your Room Simulator İndir Yükle
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The simulator which reflects everyones favourite activity: Cleaning up!

To be honest, there is a small difference between real-life cleaning and this simulator, except you have a lot of money to re-buy all the furniture you destroyed during your "Clean up tantrum".

Here, you GET money from destroying your furniture to buy new tools (to destroy more furniture of course).
With the money you can also buy some rather unuseful stuff like booze.
Don’t get your untidyness-bar too high or you will drown in trash.
The goal is to gather enough money for a cleaning company.

– Destroy your furniture
– Get money
– Tools are: Hammer, Nades, Flamethrower

Make your deepest dreams of cleaning up on the PC come true!

The furniture awaits you!

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