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Through The Tomb İndir Yükle
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Through The Tomb is a first-person parkour game where the player is tasked with escaping the Tomb before time runs out. Along the way you will collect Artifacts that allow you to unlock new sections of the Tomb which will test the player’s 3D platforming skills. This game was developed by students at Full Sail University for their capstone project.

• Make your way through the Hub area to unlock 10 fast paced 3D platforming levels with 3 hidden challenge levels.
• Master the Arcane Force to fend off Golems and make platforms appear.
• Replay levels to collect all the Artifacts and beat the development team’s best times!
• Utilize the Air Dash maneuver to reach distant platforms and quicken the pace.

The development team would like to thank you for giving our game a try!

Pyramid Peak is:
Trey Sherman
Jonathan Hall
Dean Cruz
Zachary ZumTobel
David Burns

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