Through the Ages Serisi İndir Yükle

Through the Ages Serisi İndir Yükle
31 Ekim 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 7 kez okundu.

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The New Leaders & Wonders expansion brings exciting new content to the base game, adding leaders, wonders, and military cards so you can change the flow of history and build even greater civilizations!

Throughout time there have been courageous women and imaginative men who changed history, and whose legacy we carry with us to this day. Some of those men and women, along with some of their most wondrous creations, are now joining the new and long awaited Through the Ages expansion. Take your chance to change history!

Through the Ages is a civilization building game based on the third best board game ever (according to the Board Game Geek website) of the same name.

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