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Thorne Serisi İndir Yükle
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Thorne: Tales of The Crow is a character-driven, episodic RPG developed by a Brazilian Indie company. Each episode tells a different tale of Thorne, an infamous mercenary known as The Crow.


Thorne finds himself in chains for a murder he did not commit, which is unusual. The explanation to the facts that led him to his arrest unveils the sinister truth of Hollow Lake, a nearby village crippled by corruption.
Play as an infamous mercenary known as "The Crow" in a decayed and corrupt world, find your way out of chains and get paid for your contract.


– Explore a corrupt and dark world, meet ambiguous and interesting characters, judge them as friends or foes.
– Fight against magical creatures, wild beasts, cursed monsters, witches, sorcerers and professional hunters who are after the prize for your head.
– Make your character progression as you wish. Choose from a vast variety of accessories that best serve you in combat.
– Be "The Crow".

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