Things That Bounce and Explode İndir Yükle

Things That Bounce and Explode İndir Yükle
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"THIS IS LIKE BREAKOUT MEETS DESTINY" -a friend after a couple of beers

In Things That Bounce and Explode, you control P.A.D.D.L.E., who can both shoot and bounce B.A.L.L.s to defend planets against the mean-spirited galactic conquerors know as the Blokolonian Armada. But don’t fret, as P.A.D.D.L.E. has numerous special B.A.L.L.s to aid, which can be upgraded and gain extra abilities; plus there are powerful Powers and charming Charms you can equip to give you an edge against those blindsiding Blokolonians.

How many B.A.L.L.s can you handle? The fate of the galaxy is on your hands!

  • Face against ever-changing waves of nasty enemies; randomized enemy placement ensures no two runs are ever the same!
  • Fearsome bosses will test your skills and nerves at the end of every run.
  • Level up and customize your B.A.L.L.s with new skills, and invent devious builds to annihilate your foes.
  • Hidden Powers allow you to change the game with powerful effects, and Charms grant passive abilities granting even more customization for your builds.
  • Extra Difficulties and Enemy Anomalies add variety and replayability for the late game.
  • Save planets and read their stories at the Planetarium.
  • Tons of customization options, including the exclusive Podcast Mode™ for multitasking players.
  • Secret and mysteries await the most dedicated of players…
  • And the game does not end here; expect much more content in the next months!

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