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ThemisGame Serisi İndir Yükle
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Evil boss oppresses his employees to make money again!
How do you go about your life when you have financial pressure and want to have a girlfriend? ?!
「The Yolk Street」will satisfy you all!


In the part of「Single Diary: Fresh Graduate」, Shimizu Saburou, the owner of 「The Shimizu Group」,has oppressesed players to make money for him!
It’s not just you! There have another three rookies join 「The Shimizu Group」at the same time!
How to stand out with the less capital and become the ultimate winner?


「The Yolk Street」is turn-based game, similar to Monopoly, and each round players can draw from 3 diffrent categories.
Beside the capital you earned, you also get chance to meet the charming girls you like.
When you focus on your shop management, don’t forget to take good care of your girl friend, just in case she date with other players.
If you neglect your girlfriend, she will leave you for sure!
Players need strike a balance between capital management and relationship maintenance.


  • Lots of events and funny conversations
  • 30 girls in different styles and characteristics

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Mac OS X

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