The World II: Hunting BOSS İndir Yükle

The World II: Hunting BOSS İndir Yükle
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 Preparing your own team of heroes was one thing. Defeating giant monsters, making money, and running the whole thing is another.
It’s all up to you, team leader!

 Your team is penniless and only one hero is part of it. Start from the bottom, collect heroes, level them up, fight enormous monsters, get gold, upgrade your gear, and reach the top of the food chain!
The more you build, the more heroes will become available to you, allowing for more diverse strategies to fight bosses!
You will meet face to face the meanest, baddest, and biggest bosses in gaming from the moment you enter the game, in 3D destructible arenas. No longer will you have to bother with small enemies and trek long hours to reach the raid bosses. Instant fun from the get-go!

  • 30 different missions
  • 8 giant monsters to fight
  • Fully destructible arenas
  • 3 different hero types
  • No normal monsters. Giant bosses EVERYWHERE!
  • Play as the monsters as well!

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Mac OS X

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