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The Search For Fran İndir Yükle
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" The Search for Fran "
Created by : Archor Wright
Welcome to the City Park. You are here to search for Fran.
While searching, You can also talk with people and go on Quests , Collect Glorbs , Throw a Ball , Drive a Car , Fly a Ship , Fix Traffic Jams, Try a "Challenge" (See Below) and much more !
*** Challenges ***
"Easter Egg" Challenge – How many Archor Games Logos Appear in the Game ?
"Speed Run" Challenge – What is the Fastest Time You can collect ALL Glorbs and Complete ALL Quests ?
"Scenic" Pictures Challenge – Take Screenshots of the Beautiful Area and share them on Social Media with Your Friends.
"Walkthrough" Challenge – Post a video of a Complete ‘Walkthrough’ of the entire Game.
Walk Don’t Run Challenge – Only Walk (No Sprinting) and No "High/Sprint" Jumps for the Entire Game and Post Your Full Video online.
Walky-Talky Challenge – can You find every NPC in the Game ? How Many Total are there ?

"Steamy Streamer" Challenge – Get ALL of the Archor Games products available on Steam and Stream ALL of them Beginning to End.


** Super Secret Challenge **

Can You find Fran then cause the ‘Rise of the NPCs’ ???
Check for Clues in the Movie "Free Guy" for more info.

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