The Pirates of Sector 7 İndir Yükle

The Pirates of Sector 7 İndir Yükle
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…as Captain Jet Profit and set out to make a name for yourself in a sector of space riddled with faction conflict, dastardly pirates, & deft merchants.

You’ll need to hire a crew and lead them through strategic and intense ship-to-ship combat. Or take a peaceful approach and hire a trader to earn a ship load of credits!

As the captain, you’ll progress in leading your crew in each of the game’s five professions; enhancing your crew’s abilities, buying bigger and better ships & completing missions.

Seek adventure, fortune and fame throughout your privateer career and retire a legend!


  • Engage in tactical, strategic, fast-paced ship-to-ship combat – Use strategic offensive and defensive ship capabilities to gain the advantage.
  • Ship Systems (Engines, Weapons, Navigation, & Life Support) play a key role and can be knocked out in combat.
  • Hire & level up a crew to enhance your ships abilities – Mix the 5 professions in any combo to match your play style (Engineer, Gunner, Pilot, Medic, Trader).
  • Crew members age and health deteriorates over time or they can be killed in combat – death is permanent.
  • Gain Captain Leadership skill in each profession – You make the crew better by gaining skill as their leader.
  • Complete missions to earn medals & credits – be a bounty hunter or fly aide missions to take goods where they’re most needed.
  • Trade in the marketplace to earn loads of credits – Keep an eye on market fluctuations to earn the most credits.
  • Open Space Action & Adventure – Find your own path through the sector.
  • 5 factions to fight for or against – Gain Rank and Prestige in the faction of your choice.
  • Buy new ships from the shipyard – Fly 6 classes of ships each with different capabilities.
  • Retire with wealth and prestige, or die trying! – Will you retire a legend? or a beggar?
  • Each playthrough is different – Missions, goods, and ships are randomly generated for each game.

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