The Neon Boy İndir Yükle

The Neon Boy İndir Yükle
31 Temmuz 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 76 kez okundu.

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The Neon Boy is a hardcore, dynamic platformer, just like good old games.
Play as a lovable one-eyed boy who’s been kidnapped by evil scientists and trapped in danger neon world. Visit different mysterious locations.
Complete all 80 main levels. Earn more than 16 uneasy achievements. Collect artifacts to open bonus location with extra levels.
You should do anything to help the boy to survive and come back home.


  • 80 main levels, 4 locations
  • Great music straight from the 80s with a new sound by RetroWave
  • More than 16 Steam achievements
  • Hidden levels which are worth trying to unlock them all
  • Steam Leaderboard – compete with other players for the best time!
  • Play with keyboard or gamepad
  • Multiplayer

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