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The Mexican Dream İndir Yükle
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Mexican Dream is a humorous tower defence game in which you control the border wall between Mexico and America.

America has gone down the drain and many of her inhabitants are now fleeing into Mexico, plenty of Mexicans still wish to work there to take home healthy pay packages back to their families.

The president of America however is determined to keep his workforce at bay while keeping out any non-Americans at all costs. Thus, he has erected a mechanised wall of weapons to persuade them to stay.

  • Protect your position at all cost: stop Mexicans from entering and Americans from leaving!
  • Construct a range of towers with different effects including race-specific towers that optimise your defences with smart positioning.
  • Manually control turrets at will to adapt to chaotic changes and shut down any who dare oppose you.
  • Play 10 levels with different layouts which require intelligent planning and adaptation of using the manual controls.
  • Experience stellar American and Mexican voice acting.
  • Unlock over 10,000 achievements!

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

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