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The Makeshifter İndir Yükle
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To play the game ‘straight’ you would reach each successive exit until you surmount a final challenge. Action-driven puzzle elements encourage exploration and backtracking, and could lead you to alternative routes, or simply spice up the game world based on your choices.

Tools and ‘Crafting’
Tools are strewn across the levels, and are sometimes tied to narrative outcomes. Activate two tools simultaneously to ‘combine’ them at the touch of a button, on-the-fly, to maintain the momentum of play.

For example: while wielding a pole, activate your spring as well to instantly have a pogo stick, then also activate a spike to have a pogo-drill that destroys terrain as you bounce.

Food works in much the same way. For example: combine a sprig of death-fern with a haunch of fresh meat for a somewhat… nourishing morsel.

Player-Driven Endings
Uncover narrative threads that mutate the game world and on occasion lead you to alternative routes.

For example: you may choose to help a creature. They may lay an egg. The egg may hatch. The hatchling may follow you. A few events down the line and this creature could influence a unique ending for you. It may simply add flavour to the usual route. The point is that you make action-based decisions that mutate the game world.



  • Randomly generated levels
  • Combine tools for varied on-use effects and movement styles
  • Action-driven narrative choice
  • Real-time 2D shadows make the experience much more tactical (which is a lot more important than it sounds)
  • Extensive tutorial
  • Playable with an X-Box gamepad (Recommended actually)

Design Goals

  • Ultimate replay value.
  • Loads of possible equipment combinations.
  • To utilise the core mechanics of picking up, dropping, combining, storing, using, and consuming tools for as many aspects of play as possible, to prevent a disjointed experience.
  • Multiple methods for tackling multiple potential goals. To an extent, you loosely define these goals yourself.
  • Through mastery of the game’s mechanics and equipment combinations, moment-to-moment gameplay decisions and goals shift from simple wanderlust to deliberate strategy.

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

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