The Lost Robot – Jigsaw Puzzle Stories İndir Yükle

The Lost Robot – Jigsaw Puzzle Stories İndir Yükle
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Through this app we will connect you with our remote restoration system!

The mission:

We are recruiting humans to be our heroes!
Some of our robots have been lost and their memory record has been deleted! In order to rescue them we need to find them and restore the drive in real time!

Who needs you?

A race of intergalactic robots, which has no intelligence for pattern recognition.
We need skilled humans for the rescue, so we created software that allows for better productivity!


  • Hotkeys.
  • Automatic mixing of parts.
  • Background switching to facilitate contrast recognition (our grayscale world can be an obstacle for humans).
  • Recognition of image edges!
  • Image preview.
  • Zoom and movement: with the mouse it is possible to zoom and move for better reading.
  • Rotate: You can rotate pieces with the right mouse button, by clicking on the part.
  • Connect Groups: It is possible to group parts together when they are connected correctly.

And more features:

  • Competitor ranking system for each puzzle!
  • Discover a mysterious story behind this puzzle told through 22 images.
  • Each image has two difficulty options.
  • Enjoy the cartoonish illustrations in shades of gray while listening to original music for relaxation while you work.
  • More minimalist design aesthetic for increased focus.

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