The Legend of Bear-Truck Trucker İndir Yükle

The Legend of Bear-Truck Trucker İndir Yükle
20 Mayıs 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 10 kez okundu.

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What’s that? How can it be! Is it a bear that wants to slowly eek out a profit by supplying markets with required commodities in the hopes of some day settling down to a quiet life in post-apocalypse Idaho!?

Drive a truck with incredibly realistic physics and feel the torque of a 5 gear manual transmission. Explore the state of Idaho looking for goods to buy and sell to make a profit.

Stack your stuff carefully, and drive over moderately some hilly terrain!

* Plan your route.
* Load up the truck.
* Put ‘er in gear.
* Activate cruise control.
* Pop a root beer.
* Sit back and.. relax?

Explore the 3 corners of Idaho. From the jungles of Benewah county to the badlands of Minidoka county, buy low and sell high up in the mountains of Lemhi county.

Play the Daily Challenges for a daily challenge, and

"Get Trucking!"

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