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The Last Monsters İndir Yükle
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Hybrid Real Time Combat

Prepare and launch monster moves that execute in real time. Spend stamina to enhance the speed, power and timing of monster moves. Several monster moves benefit differently from rapid follow up attacks or slow, powerful strikes. With no RNG mechanics like accuracy or critical strikes, experience strategic combat that seeks to take monster battling to the next level.

Survive the Wilderness

Travel, camp, and find and prepare food for your team of monsters as you journey through dangerous procedurally generated wilderness areas. Select between one of three different routes, each with their own gameplay adjusting modifiers, as you journey from zone to zone. Travelling with larger teams of monsters might be safer in combat, but will require more food to maintain.

Meaningful weather Effects

Experience dramatic changes in weather that affect combat in ways that cannot be ignored. Weather affects monsters based on their element type. Take advantage of your environment by choosing the right monsters and correctly choosing your actions in battle.

Design Your Perfect Monster Team

Make significant choices about how to develop the stats and movesets of your monsters. Shore up your weaknesses or expand your options in battle by choosing a secondary element type. Create teams that fit your ideal combat and survival strategies, whether you focus on mitigating damage in slow paced, tactical combat or opt for a riskier plan of all in aggression.

The Power Of Bonds

Earn the friendship and loyalty of your monsters by keeping them happy and reap material benefits in combat and survival. Stronger bonds with your monsters allow them to more efficiently boost their moves in combat and endure more KOs before dying

h2]Monster Death[/h2]
When monsters die, they are gone forever. Monsters with higher Bond have more Life Points and can endure more KOs in battle. Your favorite monster’s Life Points can be restored by allowing it to rest in storage. Or monsters you care nothing for may be sacrificed in combat to make a hasty escape from a dangerous situation. (Monster death can be disabled via difficulty settings)

Customizable Difficulty

Settings for every kind of player. Independently adjust difficulty options for survival, combat and monster death. Disable monster death completely or increase the tension of combat by playing Nuzlocke inspired settings where even one KO means permanent death for your monsters. Play using the Standard survival mode where each second counts as you and your monsters grow hungry in real time. Or play at your own pace using the Alternate survival mode where hunger is not affected by the in game clock but is instead exclusively tied to healing your monsters at camp.

End Of Days Mode

A repeatable, challenging survival mode where the towns you seek to save grow closer to destruction each day as the world’s monsters grow stronger. Use your strongest monsters with the deepest bonds to overcome this nightmare scenario

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