The Endless Journey 无终之旅 İndir Yükle

The Endless Journey 无终之旅 İndir Yükle
22 Mart 2018 tarihinde eklendi, 450 kez okundu.

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Trading Cards has been added!!

New system updated: Hints system

According to players’ feedback, we promptly updated the system.

After updating, you can check the [hints] in [system] screen.

After clicked it, the game important hints will show clues with flash in order.

In the 19th century when steam interlaced with magic, a magician named Valjean set foot on a journey of atonement with the mechanical puppet "Cosette" he made. On their way, they met 4 animals in a fairytale town, who were going to be musicians in Bremen… A fantasy adventure originated from the classic Grimm’s Fairy Tales is about to start!

44 elaborate stages designed by senior designer Mao Xiao Quan

discover two possible solutions for some puzzles; explore side-missions increasing intimacy level with your favorite character!

3 songs and more than 10 BGM tracks specially composed for the game by independent musician TetraCalyx.

Voice artists including YUKIri, Hanser,Lengquanyeyue, and Ajie accompany you throughout the journey, and performed in the theme song.

Mr. Valjean:

Wandering around the world for secret reasons. The former magic talent has now become an optimistic guy with little direction sense and unreliable talents who lives on good machinery skills.


A puppet made by Mr. Valjean, which seems to have demonstrated his real competence. It is pure mechanical driven without the use of magic core.


A doll made from cloth, cotton, thread, and a human soul, which can more or less remedy the fallibility of Mr. Valjean.


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