The Crowded Party Game Collection İndir Yükle

The Crowded Party Game Collection İndir Yükle
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Play this collection of fast paced local multiplayer party games with up to 10 friends!
Just think about it: Same room local multiplayer for up to 10 players – that sounds like a party!
What about expensive controllers? With the Crowded Party Game Collection, you’ve already got them. Just grab any smartphone, open a website and whoooosh:
Your phone is the controller!

Get together with friends and jump into these 9 arcade-inspired mini games.
As players join or leave, the games changes to accommodate.
No lobbies or waiting for games to end in order to join.
Connect at any time and you’re in the game and playing.
It’s the perfect addition for your party setup.

Some technical facts:

  • iOS, Android and Windows phone support (Sorry Pete – your Nokia brick probably won’t work)
  • Linux/SteamOS and Windows support
  • No need for additional software on the phones (just a website, no app)

Spoiler alert: Since this is early access, the number of games will even increase in the near future.

You can’t believe that this may work? You saw other phones as controller games which sucked?
The Crowded Party Game Collection does work. But don’t trust me: Trust yourself! Just buy and try the game – if you don’t like it, refund it.

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SteamOS + Linux

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