The Cathedral: Allison’s Diary İndir Yükle

The Cathedral: Allison’s Diary İndir Yükle
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"In 1956, Allison died in the psychiatric hospital of Santa Benedetta Martire. The diary she wrote contained the horrible truth about how she killed her parents.
Gulielmo Carter, a dauntless reporter, suddenly disappeared after he found the diary."

Where are Allison’s parents’ corpses kept?
What happened to Guglielmo that night?

Two years later from "The Hospital" facts, "The Cathedral" is the second chapter of the Allison’s Diary horror saga, and you are interested in visiting the place where Rachel and Alfredo should have been buried.
Visit the sacred cathedral of Sant’Andrea, searching for the truth, with only the help of your torch and a map.
Jump scares, cinematic effects, and stunning graphics are only few on the things waiting for you, which will literally make you forget about the real world surrounding you.

Prepare for an amazing journey into the darkness! Funerals are not the end: they are just the beginning.

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