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The Bar

Explore a new world where you are the craftsmen and your only goal is to beat the Shadow , collect and craft resources as you level up….
Acquire upgrades at The Bazar , Recruit new people to your Bar. Unlock new and more powerful Recipes! Visit the Market and purchase the best of Merchandise! Visit the Farm every day to receive powerful dishes that will help you on your adventure!
See for yourself how hard it is to manage your own Bar!


  • Explore a new World.
  • Craft new and powerful Items.
  • Unlock new and powerful Recipes.
  • Acquire Upgrades at The Bazar.
  • Recruit new people to your Bar.
  • Defeat the Shadow
  • Several diferent Items in the game to be used and Crafted.
  • Visit he farm every day for powerful dishes.

His main goal is to build the best Bar in town!

A friend of Necus whom sells him upgrades for his Bar!

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