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The 7th Circle İndir Yükle
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THE 7TH CIRCLE is a First Person Dungeon Crawler RPG for hardcore gamers. Inspired by classic games from the 90s, THE 7TH CIRCLE adds new features to renew a classic genre of role playing games.

THE 7TH CIRCLE is a journey into your subconscious; each character, each Alter Ego, represents a different personality, but they all share the same goal: to discover what is hidden in the darkest part of your mind and free it from its demons.


  • Create your Alter Ego customizing attributes, skills, personality, traits and perks.
  • Perma-Death: use only one character at a time. If he dies, you have to create a new one.
  • Unlock new items, resources and power-ups to help future Alter Ego in their journey.
  • 15 huge levels + randomly generated dungeons for tons of hours of gameplay.
  • More than 60 spells.
  • You can craft items, create medicines and upgrade weapons: collect resources and share them between your characters.
  • Turn-based combat. Use different equipment, spells, skills, medicines, throwing weapons and other items to fight your enemy.
  • Secrets, hidden walls and buttons, timed events and a lot of stuff to discover.

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SteamOS + Linux

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