Tetra Cube İndir Yükle

Tetra Cube İndir Yükle
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Nae and Dio are Hunters. They solve various events in the universe.
And at Alpha Centauri’s Science Institute, Nae and Dio are dispatched to information that an unknown Cube caused a disaster.
Whether you can’t beat the Cube is up to you.


Each character has a clear personality. Dio is good at using weapons, but Nae can’t use them!
Using strategies that bring out the character’s personality, you can lead the battle efficiently.

Turn-based Strategy Roguelike

Tetra Cube is a single-play turn-based strategy game. Player must explore maps and grow characters to combat enemy threats so that Nae and Dio can successfully defeat the Cube. Since it has the characteristics of roguelike, the structure of the map, the placement of enemies, and acquisition of items are random, so it requires accurate judgment according to the situation.


There are survivors left in the lab who survived the attack, and players need their help to achieve their goals.
Help the survivors defeat the enemy!


Nae can hack enemies and turn them into allies. The game of the game varies greatly depending on how you use hacking.

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