Tanks!!! İndir Yükle

Tanks!!! İndir Yükle
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Tanks !!! is a war game with graphics and retro gameplay, which will give everyone who plays a great time of fun in a relaxed way and also with a certain challenge.
In this game you will pilot a tank for 10 completely different missions.

In these missions you will have to advance through the map and defeat your enemies to make your way to the end of the map to complete the mission.
The enemies that you will also find are tanks, or turrets, that not only have to defeat, but they will shoot you and try to defeat you before you do it.
To defeat them you will have to shoot the missiles that the tank allows you, with some controls adapted to the way of playing, and to hit the enemy

The 10 missions offered by the game each have more difficulty, finding more enemies or facing more complicated situations to overcome.
In addition, the missions have different settings and the route is different.

To access the missions, a certain number of medals will be required that you will achieve by completing the previous missions, so do not think that you will be able to get rid of any of the missions!

Apart from all this, you will have a virtual currency that you will get playing, which will allow you to buy tank customizations!, which will only have a visual effect.

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