Tales of Winds: Tomb of the Sol Empire İndir Yükle

Tales of Winds: Tomb of the Sol Empire İndir Yükle
15 Haziran 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 57 kez okundu.

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You can’t go back in time, but this game can take you to a simpler time. This astonishing Chinese-Chivalry RPG is made by a group of Japanese Indie developer. What’s more surprising is that this game has a luxury VA cast!

As a family of adventurers.
Their sole goal is to unravel the mystery of the ancient superpower.
By contacting villagers nearby, they are able to get closer and closer.
Go! All the way down the tomb full of ghosts and foul creatures.

Though the luxury VA cast is not the most important part of a game.
Rest assured, this is still an amazing game.
As a traditional RPG this game does not has too many levels.
Direction is clear, don’t worry about getting lost.
If you are stuck somewhere, try level-up the characters and upgrade weapons.
As a story-powered adventure game, every character is unique and interesting.
Their stories are worth reading.

Artist:アガハリ Script:和泉亮user/194714  SFX:佐藤麻子
OP Writer:ししまいブラザーズ  Calligraphy:白鈴二郎

Voice Acters
岡野浩介 福島千紘 笹木綾子 御園行洋
桜井みき MARS 佐藤麻子 高野慎平
土居伸之 虹組キララ 

PS.Trading Cards and Achievements will come out with the final version.

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