Tactical Craft Online İndir Yükle

Tactical Craft Online İndir Yükle
26 Temmuz 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 28 kez okundu.

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Dear players. Please take note that the game is quite complicated therefore requires a lot of training and patience, so I advise those that prefer simpler games not to waste their time. The game is in the pre-alpha version currently, so it is possible to see and experience a variety of bugs, balance changes and experimental mechanics. I am making the game alone, in any free time I have, so I can not always devote enough time to answer every question. The world will not be reset, so enjoy creating lasting landmarks.
Thank you for understanding and I hope you enjoy the game.

  • Online Multiplayer Sandbox meets Tactical RPG!
  • One single massive world for all players.
  • Full freedom of choice, interactions between players, hostilities and trading.
  • Everyone is absolutely equal: you are what you have achieved in the world of the game.
  • In-game items can only be crafted from resources of the game world.
  • Single shared environment where everyone lives, builds, produces and battles.
  • Every action affects the world story, and you can become the part of it, and start your own lasting impression!

Key features:

  • Fully generated world for research
  • Various biomes (forest, desert, mountains, and plans are many more)
  • Two game modes: real-time mode for mining, production, construction and other peaceful game functionality and Turn-By-Turn mode for fighting.
  • Component crafting system.
  • Destruction of all objects in the game world is possible.
  • Development of various skills and parameters for a unit that the player chooses.
  • Various effects can afflict units: fractures, poisoning, bleeding and more.
  • Various types of bots for PVE: peaceful animals, zombies, bosses.
  • Full player interaction in one world.
  • Private player territory restricting access to equipment and warehouses of other players.
  • Building various buildings from many types of resources available.
  • Farming
  • Trade and economy
  • Clans and clan territories
  • Dungeon – basements, crystal caves, glades
  • Fishing
  • Food and Hunger system
  • Day and Night cycles
  • Genetics system
  • Weapons from World War I
  • Repair and modification of weapons
  • Electricity
  • Steam Achievements

Project Development Plans:

  • Various dungeons (natural and artificial – mines, cave systems, arenas)
  • Livestock
  • Complex chemical mixtures for experiments
  • New technologies and resources
  • More Weapons from the First and Second World Wars
  • New types of bots and bosses with different behaviors.
  • Transport
  • Railway
  • Robotics
  • Natural phenomena
  • Radioactive zones, diseases
  • Global events (meteoric crashes, bots invasion, bosses challenge)
  • Trade and economic development
  • Mail, letters, notes
  • The development of clans. Alliances (community of clans)

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