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Super Furball İndir Yükle
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Super Furball is a rollicking action-platformer, inspired by the greats of the DOS and NES era. Explore many varied locations, full of cunning secrets and unique dangers, including 4 epic boss battles.

You, as a furball with a laser gun, must trek across the world, fighting countless foes in defense of your environment. Hordes of adversaries, storms of explosions and cannon fire and countless natural hazards stand between you and victory as you make progress through the overworld to reach your ultimate target: That jerk in the tank!

Key Features:

  • A non-linear overworld to trail-blaze
    Those with keen eyes can discover warp gates in levels to open new areas in the overworld and access hidden levels.
  • Action packed adventure all over the map!
    There’s 4 big, varied worlds to explore, with 4 big, mean bosses at the end. Who knows what countless secrets can be found off the beaten path?
  • Tight controls and precise combat
    Each of the 5 weapons of the game feel accurate down to the pixel, which you’ll need to take on the hundreds of foes that await.
  • Challenge that scales
    3 comprehensive difficulty levels are offered, which alter nearly every aspect of the game: artificial intelligence, enemy placement and count, player health and speed of obstacles.

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