Succubus Rem İndir Yükle

Succubus Rem İndir Yükle
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This is a unique RPG. As a yound succubus, you’ll act as Rem to join the crusade against all else and to finally become the Devil.

Rem is a young succubus, just born. She’s kind of picky when it comes to food, she would only suck the life off of those young, vibrant men. She learned her way of life from her ancestors, and since on a crusade against all living things in the end. So, will she end up the most fearsome devil?

-Combat Mode-
Your damage will increase when SLv is up, so as endurance up when MLv up. New skills will unlock as the your level goes up. So choose wisely how you proceed.

Illustrator: 開栓注意様
Script: えじむら様、谷一様
Music: ごる様

PS.Trading Cards and Achievements will come out with the final version.

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