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Sub Orbital Software Serisi İndir Yükle
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GalaxIverse is a top down fast paced vertical blastathon, Battle Fleets and formations of aliens with the occasional boss thrown in for good luck. Enhance your ship with shields, bombs, bots and extra firepower by collecting power ups. The game is designed to be played by mouse and keyboard, whereby you shoot through the cross-hairs. However the game fully supports game controllers and different styles of play allowing for a straight up and down shooter.

Key Features

  • Check your performance against other players on the leader-board.
  • Achievable achievements.
    No stupid play for a year or kill 1,000,000 aliens achievements.
  • Mouse / Keyboard and Controller support.
    Specifically designed with Mouse and Keyboard combo in mind.
  • Fast and smooth action.
  • Continue from your last finished main game level.
    No need to replay the whole game just to get through that last awkward level.

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