Strong towers İndir Yükle

Strong towers İndir Yükle
24 Ekim 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 7 kez okundu.

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I was an eyewitness. I’ve seen hundreds of trolls leave entire villages without food and a cow. I saw, I waited,
that one day there will be someone who will free our lands from trolls…he appeared!

Raise an army of Viking! Capture magic towers! Smash the troops of evil trolls and much more
in a fantastic real-time strategy game with a top view of Strong towers!

Magic towers generate new troops that can be controlled using a computer mouse – move and send to fight with trolls, the player can also capture towers that belong to trolls and protect their magic towers from trolls.
The essence of the game is to completely destroy the enemy and capture the entire map.

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