Streamers Company Tycoon 主播经纪公司 İndir Yükle

Streamers Company Tycoon 主播经纪公司 İndir Yükle
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First online streamer ageny in this country!
A new company! Now face the whole country and recruit company manager!

Responsible for recruiting streamers, exploring new talents with potential, and building your own streamer team.
Develop training plans for the streamers to help them increase their popularity
Plan marketing events, promote streamers and increase their fans
Responsible for following up the work of anchors and arranging their broadcast content
Pay close attention to the communication between female streamers and customers, and give necessary suggestions to stabilize their relationship with customers
Establish a good relationship with the streamers, take care of their health, arrange holidays appropriately, and adjust their salaries reasonably

As long as you have the ability, degree is not a problem
As long as you have a dream, we will give you a platform
What are you still hesitating about? The position is suitable for you with such talent. Peak of life road with beauty around is waiting for you.

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Mac OS X

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