StrainZ-1: Elimination İndir Yükle

StrainZ-1: Elimination İndir Yükle
16 Temmuz 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 86 kez okundu.

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Strain Z1 has spread throughout the city. All citizens were infected. People turned into horrible bloodthirsty Zombies. The military was sent to eliminate the threat. Long-term battles with the army of Zombies didn’t produce significant results. Enormous numbers of the brain-eaters were eliminated, even more than the population of the city. Attacks of the mutants don’t stop but become more massive.
A squad of unique specialists was sent to the scene. Unfortunately, their bus was ambushed. There was only one survivor…

– 9 different beautiful locations
– 7 types of deadly weapons
– 31 types of enemies
– Super Bosses – "Zombie with a plunger", "Zombie-girl with a frying pan", etc.
– sea of ​​blood!!!
– character development
– plenty of perks
– and other stuff

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