Storm Area 51: September 20th 2019 İndir Yükle

Storm Area 51: September 20th 2019 İndir Yükle
23 Temmuz 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 73 kez okundu.

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It’s 3am, September 20th, 2019…. join the millions planning to storm Area 51 in this alien rescue action simulator. Brought to you by Keemstar, can you survive the break in, find the helpless alien captives and get them safely to their UFO to pilot them out of Area 51 and show the world what the government has been hiding all these years?

Find and explore hidden back routes and enter the legendary Area 51, avoid the guards using classic stealth mechanics, locate the captured aliens and escort them to their mothership! Utilise the other runners as human cover or provide the ultimate sacrifice so that others might succeed!

Help us evolve our game in Early Access by providing community feedback on level design and features, voice acting and chances to have your name in the final game!

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