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StoneDeep İndir Yükle
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In a Nutshell

StoneDeep is a underground city-builder with dwarfs. Gather resources, build structures and manage your city. Dwarfs need to drink and sleep regulary. When dwarfs are unhappy you get less Taxes. Monsters spawn at night in dark corners and come in waves out of dungeons.

StoneDeeps current Features

  • Dwarfs can pass on theire Talents
  • Monster spawns & waves
  • Many jobs for dwarfs
  • Dwarfs need to drink and sleep
  • Resources to gather
  • Prozedural generated map
  • Research System
  • Illness System
  • Day-night cycle

StoneDeeps Features we would like to add

  • Weather
  • Different ways to brew beer
  • Building upgrades
  • Dwarf homes evolving into higher classes
  • Diffrent biomes
  • Boss waves & more monster types
  • Dwarf heroes

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