Stay or Leave / 留离 İndir Yükle

Stay or Leave / 留离 İndir Yükle
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  • The features of the game:
  • so much!79 maps,Each map has different features,Sometimes dangerous,Sometimes security,Sometimes you should make a choice,and sometimes you have solve the mystery,Every map has a new sense of freshness!
  • so cool!More than 50 skills,Six kinds of weapons,Six kinds of armor,Different weapons have different fighting styles,Different armor skills enable you to combine different combination skills!
  • so real!!Circadian cycle,Go out in the daytime,and come back in the evening,or maybe you can raise the torch and keep move,But it’s best not to meet a monster when there is no light!There are different weather systems here.such as sunny day,cloudy,rain,windy,snow,Different weather can bring different consequences.
  • glory&Challenge:Maybe you will face the BOSS,cover yourself with glory,Maybe you’ll be smart to find a shortcut,avoid the danger,Maybe you have a bad life,Maybe you like to collect the drawings very much,or maybe you’re a master of equipment…In a word, how to win the game is not important,But can you get the title of honor。

The story of the game:

The story time is in the future,A planet that might be suitable for human habitation is found in space.A team of scientists from different countries come to investigate,But soon after they reached the planet, they lost contact.The protagonist was sent to investigate the cause as an investigator,After landing, he was found that all the electronic components were out of work,And the camp seems to have been abandoned for a long time,There was no one except an old man with white hair and doubtful.What’s happening here?Where are the scientists?Who is this old man?And how to get away from here?

If you want to know how to play, you can go to the forum to see the introduction.

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