Startup Valley Adventure İndir Yükle

Startup Valley Adventure İndir Yükle
29 Eylül 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 7 kez okundu.

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Startup Valley Adventure – 3D visual novel in which you play as KC Morris – a person who in difficult life circumstances decide to start his own startup and invest there his last money!

Get new contacts, involve people in your startup, get divorce finally! Say last word to unfair mean ex-boss, go feed the pigeons and learn real business from the homeless! Drink, have fun, create startup presentation for investors in a last night, or be serious and responsible. But remember – when the last money runs out, your startup will be over.


“All I have is an idea that I believe in, a couple of reliable -ish friends and a wish to make the main bet in my life.”

Create and play any character, or be yourself and see what your worldview can lead to in the world of Silicon Valley!

Your decisions are your consequences! To miss an important call, during an equally important conversation – the same as to offend someone or miss the last chance to get a million? Late for a date or miss an important meeting with an investor?

You decide. Startup Valley Adventure is your special adventure in the world of technology and innovation!


  • Main character customization – from clothes and hairstyles to gender and orientation
  • Variability – you can choose with whom and how to talk, where and when to go.
  • Mini-games – it appears to get in good contact investors and others not so easy!
  • Memes and black humor are the only things you can enjoy without fear to change the plot
  • Survival mode – now you worry not only about the project and relationships, but also about your life!

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