Starry Knight İndir Yükle

Starry Knight İndir Yükle
21 Aralık 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 3 kez okundu.

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Walk in Van Gogh’s paintings. Fight with the struggle that he went through in his life. Unveil the destiny of the starry, starry knight.
Starry Knight is a 2D boss rush game focusing on unique boss design and hardcore action combat.

  • All visual material from this game is from Van Gogh’s paintings.
  • Fun and challenging boss fight with unique battle mechanics and boss design.
  • Gain new abilities after defeating bosses.

  • Besides carefully designed normal difficulty, game provides easy mode for casual players, and a hard mode for players who are looking for challenges (with bosses having new moves and player having all the abilities).
  • Compatible with controllers.

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