Star Trek™: Judgment Rites İndir Yükle

Star Trek™: Judgment Rites İndir Yükle
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Captain’s Log, Stardate 6238.4. There is no doubt that you are being watched. By whom or by what type of life form is unknown. Even Spock is unable to make sense of the data. The occurrences are just too strange:

Is that really an ancient World War I triplane heading straight for you at Warp 9? How can your sensors suddenly detect life forms on a dead planet? Where did that primitive race obtain such advanced technology? No, it couldn’t be Dr. Bredell of the Vardaine Science Counsel… he didn’t survive your last encounter.

The tension increases as you beam down to mysterious worlds and encounter strange adversaries in logic defying situations.

You are a long way from Starfleet Command and only you can discover who – or what – is challenging you beyond your wildest nightmares. OR CAN YOU?

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