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Star Souls İndir Yükle
19 Haziran 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 54 kez okundu.

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Star Souls is a game about a galactic cataclysm. One by one, the stars begin to die without reason. Thousands of inhabited worlds are turned to dust. You and your crew must find “the Transition”, your last desperate hope to find new worlds. Assemble your fleet, customize your spaceships and fight for the salvation of all intelligent life!

The game offers a range of challenging tactical and social situations, and a variety of alien encounters, with each journey unique, enjoy the engaging sci-fi story and exciting conclusion. Throughout the adventures, you will be inspired by the beautiful views of deep space and awesome music!


  • Exploration: travel through the galaxy, where you must tackle emerging enemy threats and complete varying missions.
  • Combat: battles occur in real time with a tactical pause allowing the player to redistribute energy between on-board systems, preserve the fleet’s most valuable ships, avoid meteorites and hazardous energy fields, hide in nebulae and navigate expertly through debris.
  • Fleet management: customize your fleet, upgrading your ships as you go, with a wide variety of weapons and modules at your disposal.
  • Story events: the game presents story events that can lead to combat, bonuses/penalties, and any number of fantastic in-game scenarios.

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