Star Apprentice: Magical Murder Mystery İndir Yükle

Star Apprentice: Magical Murder Mystery İndir Yükle
10 Ağustos 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 13 kez okundu.

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As the titular Star Apprentice Minnie, you will traverse a magical train, collecting evidence and confronting suspects. Uncover clues that will allow you to confront the quirky cast of characters in chaotic bullet hell Confrontation scenes. Blast away the enemy’s contradictions, and discover the truth behind the mystery aboard the Scarlet Express!

Throughout the game, you’ll grapple with a colourful cast of mysterious magical suspects, including an obsessed fangirl, an alcoholic, and a business tycoon. Will the Star Apprentice be able to rise up to the challenge and find the culprit behind the mystery, or will she be stuck in her mentor’s shadow forever?

This game was built in RPG Maker MV by a group of students at the University of Alberta for a game development term project. As such, the game is a free download for all!


  • A unique genre fusion of mystery games and bullet hell shooters
  • Gorgeous custom pixel art with visual novel style portraits
  • One gripping case aboard a high speed locomotive
  • Over 90 lines of voice acted dialogue
  • Cute anime girls

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