Space Colonizers Idle Clicker İndir Yükle

Space Colonizers Idle Clicker İndir Yükle
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As the environment gets worse and resources become exhausted, the earth is no longer suitable for humans to survive. YOU will start space exploration with the great mission of searching for new planets and immigrating human beings! What will you encounter in the wonderful travel? Aliens, black holes or other captains? Now get your spacecraft launched!

Space Colonizers is a simulation and strategy game of Sci-Fi adventure theme. The more planets you reach, the more human beings can immigrate. Also, you need to upgrade the equipment of your spaceship to support the long-distance flight in the cosmos. Don’t forget to use Black Hole to quickly traverse the universe and get to the next planet in a shorter time.
On your travel, you will meet all kinds of aliens and make friends with them! Sounds great? Do not forget your most important mission in this game is to save people on the earth. Remember to bring them to new planets you find! Join in the space adventure now!

Game Features:
* Travel through the universe
* Install new parts and upgrade your spacecraft
* Cast powerful skills
* Explore beautiful planets and immigrate earthlings
* Meet all kinds of aliens and know their characteristics

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