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SoulFrost İndir Yükle
21 Temmuz 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 75 kez okundu.

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In this scrolling shooter, you are destined to run out of energy, sooner or later. You start with 100% energy and functions, and spend them on actions and errors without any means to replenish them… except for repeating the levels, re-calculating the available resources at the last level you’ve reached so far. There are 7 levels with 7 bosses to beat, unveiling the last short story behind the dystopian events of a SoulFrost.

"Now I recall… I’ve been to this place… Still… Now it is only hoar… The hoar, the frost of our souls that crumbles silently in the last seconds of our being, scooped for the last time from under the layers of electromagnetic lifeforms… My hope for non-return in smashed… Yet, it is now so insignificant!.. The only thing that bothers me – she’s not beside… Forgive us… For we are truly guilty…"

Genre: Score Attack Arcade

Controls – arrows and spacebar. Escape allows to return. Enter skips current text.

F4 changes the screen mode.

All resources used in this game, including sprites, music and sounds, were created by Xitilon.HD408.

Used programs:

Game development IDE
Game Maker 8.0 (recompiled english version in 8.1)

Graphic editor

Sound generator

Music sequencer
ReBirth RB-338 2.01

All of those programs are free, or their free versions exist.

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