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Sky Flight İndir Yükle
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Playing "Sky Flight" you will be incarnated in a bird that will face different aerial tours. If you like flight simulators, if you like arcade games with retro graphics, if you want to have a good time in a relaxed way or even if your dream is to fly like birds do "Sky Flight" is a perfect game for you.

In this game you control a bird that will fly through a desert, with a day-night cycle, giving more dynamism to the game.
Along the desert will be a route full of rings that you will have to go through inside.

You are allowed very few failures, therefore, be careful to pass or you will lose the game. The difficulty of the game increases as time passes, because the speed is much greater, and the maneuvers are very difficult, making the player need some skill and good reflexes.
In addition, the journey is infinite, therefore you will always try to overcome yourself, trying to beat your own best scores.

How to play:

-WASD or Arrow Keys to move the bird up, left, down and right.

-Mouse to navigate through menu and settings.

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