Simple Chess İndir Yükle

Simple Chess İndir Yükle
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Simple Chess is a perfect game for chess lovers in the purest way. This game has certain characteristics that make it perfect for a wide variety of players, and so do the most complete game about chess, without adding unimportant things that would only lock the fact of playing chess

In Simple Chess you can play against the AI, therefore, you can play to learn to play chess, as simple fun being an experienced player or as a practice for competitions of any kind.

Some features of Simple Chess:

-AI opponent with 4 levels of difficulty, from rookie to chess to expert. These levels of difficulty allow players who start with a lower level to have an enjoyable and effective learning

-Custom boards, from 6×6, 8×8. This adds more variety to the game, and allows the more experienced in chess to play in a somewhat different way.

– Revert last move & suggest a move available. One is made to correct mistakes and another is made to have an option in times when the player is stuck. The movement suggested by the game is the movement that the machine would make, that is, it would be the optimal movement following its algorithm.

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