Shop Manager : Video Game Tycoon İndir Yükle

Shop Manager : Video Game Tycoon İndir Yükle
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In Shop manager: video game tycoon your uncle entrusts you his video game shop. Your goal is to make it profitable so that one day you can inherit your business. He will visit you every week to give you advice and check that everything is going well. You will also need to hire staff to develop video games and then sell them in your store.

The shop section

– Sell video games, consoles, accessories, computers, etc… More than 200 items

– Every day makes a good order for the next day to satisfy your customers.

– Clean your store, stop thieves, renovate the store, check your stock and price items.

– Your actions have an impact on customer satisfaction.

The family section

Give money to your wife (or husband), daughter and son.

Pay the credit for your house and buy the furniture.

The development section

– Hire up to 24 people to develop video games.

– Choose the working rules.

– Transfer the money from the shop for the development part.

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