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Senna and the Forest is a puzzle game with a heavy focus on logic and deduction. You start in a forest where you go about discovering the identities of trees and their story, by talking to them, obtaining clues and piecing the clues together. The entire forest is a family where some trees are inflicted with strange diseases or mutations which are passed on to their children and can be used to deduce their identities. The deeper you venture into the forest the more you learn about its story, about how a forest once rich and dense is now all but destroyed.

As you continue Senna’s journey you encounter a forest ravaged by disease, where you’ll have to find out how the disease attacked the trees and in what order. You’ll encounter an old temple with mysterious runes that must be put together in the right order, but beware of the hints you get from the trees there as some of them are known to lie!

Talk to the trees to find clues

Use the clues to deduce their identities

Travel deep into the forest to reach its heart


  • Explore four different chapters. WIth 14 levels and more than 4 hours of gameplay.
  • Use skills of logic and deduction to solve increasingly complex puzzles.
  • Experience the story of a dying forest and its past.

Trailer Music credits
Fresh Air by Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Mac OS X

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