Schatte ~The Witch and the Fake Shadow~ / 魔女と偽りの影 İndir Yükle

Schatte ~The Witch and the Fake Shadow~ / 魔女と偽りの影 İndir Yükle
17 Eylül 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 47 kez okundu.

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This is an all-new 3D shadow-stepping action game featuring a comical duo: Schatte the shadow witch and Lumiere the fairy lantern bat. Use your servant Lumiere to expose enemy shadows so that Schatte could overcome them with her shadow magic.

In this game, Schatte battles all kinds of "Shadow Demons" in different levels of stages using her stylish shadow actions:

[Shadow-Bind]: Stops enemy’s movements by binding one’s shadow
[Shadow-Dive]: Hides herself in a shadow
[Shadow-Marionette]: Takes control over enemy’s movements

…and loads more of special arts of light and shadow!
Experience a fresh take on action games in this dark but light-hearted shadow ARPG!!

Key Features

A simple operation "throw", "jump", "stepping" realizes a wide variety of actions!!

  • Shadow Bind (Close) : Stops the target by stepping on its shadow. Shadow Bind triggered by directly stepping on a shadow does not require magic power.
  • Shadow Bind (Far) : A target’s time can be stopped by throwing a Shadow Knife at its shadow. Targets can be locked while holding the button. When targeting, the Shadow Knife needs magic power, so if there is not enough power, the spell will not work. During Light Automatic Lock mode, the targeting would be automatic.
  • Multiple Shadow Bind : The Shadow Knife gauge increases when Shadow Bind is successful. By using the gauge, multiple Shadow Knives can be thrown at once. The binding time of Shadow Bind and the lighted area both increase. To use it must meet the condition.
  • Shadow Reading : Materializes Hazy Shadows by stepping on its shadow.
  • Shadow Dive : Moves around by entering a shadow. Great for climbing slopes. It can also be used to teleport between Teleport Gates.
  • Shadow Marionette : Controls a living being by entering its shadow.
  • Shadow Disperse : Evil spirits possessing an enemy can be dispersed by jumping and then landing on the enemy’s shadow. It may require multiple tries for certain enemies.
  • Shadow Double : Can be triggered with the help of the Ethereal Relic. You can operate shadow independently from the player character.

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