Sanae Toumaden X / 早苗討魔伝X İndir Yükle

Sanae Toumaden X / 早苗討魔伝X İndir Yükle
12 Mart 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 16 kez okundu.

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☆This is Touhou project fan game.

Sanae! The Super Gensokyo Miko!


A Mega X Touhou Fangame With No X.


Incident occurred!
Sanae to solve it!


  • Jump and Slash Platform Action Game.
  • Beat all Bosses and Get New Ability.
  • Enemies are weak to one Ability.
  • After you beat 8 bosses, then you get few more stage.
  • All stage is Rogue-unlike stage. Stage design by human.
  • Rogue-unlike upgrade system. Anything you get in stage will not lost.
  • Soul-unlike attack system. It don’t have stamina limit. You can attack unlimited times if you like.

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