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Sacred Four İndir Yükle
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"Ziegwen" a godly sword on a chain which, once you release it, flies through the air like a flash of light to destroy evil.
Master control of "Ziegwen" to fight monsters in this new style of VR action game!


  • First prize winner at GFF Awards 2018.
  • When you throw "Ziegwen" it will fly through the air to pierce monsters before returning to your hand.
  • "Ziegwen" follows a path which changes depending on your arm movements.
  • If you control its path well, you can take out multiple monsters in a row.
  • If it sticks in a monster or rock, you can grab and swing it to finish them off.
  • Master control of "Ziegwen" for a new VR experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.
  • Teleport to predetermined points in each level and fight monsters.
  • There are three levels, and you clear each level by defeating the boss at the end.

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