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Rustangelo İndir Yükle
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is an automatic sign painter for

With Rustangelo you can choose your image and have it painted to a sign or map automatically! Works on any RUST server and has been approved by the game developers. The PRO version includes more features and unlimited painting time.


  • Automatically paints signs and maps using images loaded from disk or URL
  • Support for all common image formats (png, jpeg, gif, etc.)
  • Support for all canvas sizes in-game (wooden signs, picture frames, metal sign posts)
  • Able to crop, rotate, and adjust your image before painting
  • Unlimited painting time; limited to one hour for non-PRO users
  • Paints using a 100 possible colors by utilizing different brush opacities (PRO feature)
  • Automatically draws straight lines to speed up the painting process (PRO feature)
  • Auto-update the sign while painting for display to other players (PRO feature)
  • Works on any server type (vanilla, community, modded)

How It Works:

  • Load your image from disk or URL
  • Click the Paint button and capture the canvas area (where to paint)
  • Press the Control hotkey to capture the painting controls area
  • Rustangelo screen-captures the palette and remembers each color. It then dithers the image to match the colors available in the palette.
  • Every pixel in the image is scanned and placed in the matching palette color bucket
  • Now Press the Control hotkey again to begin the painting process
  • When the painting process begins the app automatically cycles through all the colors, painting each pixel for every color
  • It is recommended not to move your mouse while Rustangelo is painting as it will disrupt the process

Rustangelo is currently only compatible with a Windows OS.
Rustangelo is not affiliated with Facepunch Studios (FP) or any of their developers.


Facepunch recently made Rust full-screen exclusive which causes the game to minimize when using Rustangelo, however, this behavior can be reverted. Set your Rust launch parameters to: "-window-mode borderless" (without quotes). See:

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