Russian Prisoner VS Nazi Zombies İndir Yükle

Russian Prisoner VS Nazi Zombies İndir Yükle
8 Ağustos 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 68 kez okundu.

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An alternative reality, prisoner Artyomich for a long time sat in prison for a double murder, but once he escaped from prison and went for a walk around the city, as suddenly the sky turned red and 3 zombies of an SS officer jumped on our hero. Artyomich realized that the prison was better and that the world is over – an apocalypse has come, so he drank vodka, took a pistol and decided to kill all the SS Nazis who had risen from Hell.
You are prisoner Artyomich, and you need to kill all the devils of the SS from Hell in order to save Russia from the apocalypse.
-Drive and bloody gameplay
-Genre: horror-shooter
-Several levels with different locations (prison, catacombs, city)
-You will be able to be a prisoner who wants to save Russia
-A variety of weapons (from stones to big guns) and various enemies (from ordinary zombie warriors SS to big devils)

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